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Service Automation Apps

Sit back & let your business work for you.

Turn your existing business into an uninterrupted stream of paying customers. Our Innovative solution will automatically serve your potential customers & leads on your behalf by intuitively presenting them with all the relevant information about your products and services at any time, then proceed to lead them down a path to becoming paying customers. It will understand each customers unique needs and requirements within the context of your business and reliably relate the information to you in the form of a processed order for you to take action on. Cutting out the bulk of the administrative burden and leaving you free to focus on your actual product or service.

What you get

Apart from the convenience it provides for your customers, Service Automation™ also lets you boost your effectiveness as a smaller business, because as the term implies, much of it is “automatic”. This means as a small team you can save time, reach more customers and minimize the cost of interacting with customers

Business Process Automation

Automatically provide answers to common questions about your services / products and provide users with an avenue to engage you directly without having to go offline. i.e once they discover you on any digital medium, they can be converted on that same medium without having to call, send a message or visit your office.

Customized services & products

Perfect for service based businesses that require high levels of customization for each client. Effectively provide human like interactions for customers and understand their specific needs and requirements.

Reduced HR/Staffing Costs & Administrative Burdens

Hire fewer humans at scale, spend less on overhead hiring customer service reps. Provide answers to common questions to free up staff from repetitive telephone enquiries. Reduce the cost of interacting with customers.

Increased ROI from Digital mediums & online Advertising

Increase the number of new enquiries coming from the website, social media and other digital channels, and directly convert them into new business opportunities and sales. Digitally Showcase current promotions, new products and services in real time.

Always On

Your business doesn't have to close when you and your staff close for the day, continue to run your business by using the app to provide automated service to customers at all times.

Automatic Record Keeping & Accounting

Instead of manually transcribing phone calls, WhatsApp conversations, DMS etc each interaction is automatically stored in an organized database allowing you to easily keep track of your customers and their orders, and have an overview of your business.

How it works

Apart from the convenience it provides for your customers, Service Automation™ also lets you boost your effectiveness as a smaller business, because as the term implies, much of it is “automatic”. This means as a small team you can save time, reach more customers and minimize the cost of interacting with customers

Potential Customer Discovers You

A potential customer comes across your business organically via google search, social media, or due to direct market activities on digital channels.

Customer Evaluates your business

Customer is directed to your Service automation App, which first of all provides answers to all the important questions about your business such as who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Provide Service Automatically

The App organically guides the subject down a path to becoming a customer by Simultaneously collecting information about the customer such as who they are (contact details) and what their needs are and the various ways your services and products can be delivered to fulfill their own requirements.

Order Generated

An order is dynamically generated and sent to you as a notification, containing a clear expression of the interaction that took place. The data can be integrated into almost any other application, workflow or CRM for you to act on.

What You Get

Your very own automated service app.

We can set you up with one our ready made solutions we have for many popular business cases, or create a customized solution for your particular business case at no additional cost. All our Apps are mobile and desktop ready and perform well under heavy traffic loads.

Free Integration

We will integrate your service app directly into your social media, existing website and Email (receiving the data/orders from your service App via email) at no additional cost. We can also integrate it into any other application you are already using for eCommerce, Invoicing, accounting, CRM, HR etc For additional integration fee depending on your integration requirements.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing structure is very straightforward with no hidden fees or unexpected charges. we only charge the following for each installation.

Setup Fee: One time payment for creating your own custom service app solution.

Maintenance : Yearly Payment to cover technical support, maintenance, hosting and updates to your App.

Extra Integrations: One time payment to cover integration of you App into any other third party applications. By default the setup fee includes integration into your website and Email which is enough for most use cases.

Service Automation Case Studies

See examples of how real Nigerian companies you know are using our solution to revolutionize their business process and realize concrete sales increases, customer satisfaction and reduction of administrative overhead (time and money)